danzone technology co

Help Desk Support

We understand that your business operation is critical, and that you need I.T. issues to be solved as soon as possible. Whenever you have a problem, we are happy to provide professional help.

It is guaranteed that you will receive our assistance you need. In addition, we provide Knowledge Base from which you can find solutions to eliminated your issue for free.?

How it Works?

When you experience a problem, you can reach out our technician throught email, phone or skype. Your will be guided to access our website and download the remote access client. Remote access will be installed onto your computer and you can see who is connected to your computer. Our technicial will take control the mouse and keyboard. After your computer is fixes, we will disconnect your computer and you are good to go.

How long does a typical repair takes?

Our typical service call is around 15 minutes or less although a remote repair session can last more than an hour based on the complexity. The great part about this process is once our technician is connected. You don't have to stick around while we are fixing your device unless you want to. We will leave a message on screen when the problem is fixed. 

What is the benefit for my business? 

  • If you are not satisfied, we have a 100% money back guarantee.
  • You don't take your computer to our shop.
  • We can minimized your downtime.
  • Very competitive rates.
  • 15 minutes billing increment instead of 1 hour for cost saving.