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Knowledge Base - Resolve POST Mode


1) Set PC IP between, for example


2) In this example, we are using WFTPD FTP Server. Setup a FTP server by following step 1 -12


3) PC connect with PHONE LAN PORT.

4) Telnet

5)    Input 3 to clean console configuration.

6)    Input 2 to update Firmware via ftp


7)    After input 2, you need input ftp server IP, firmware file name, ftp login

Zycoo CooFone D60 IP Phone firmware name: 2c28V2_3_305_176T20140312114022.z

Zycoo ZP502 IP Phone firmware name: ZP502PV1_7_345_141T4poe_log.z

8) After you see “Update success!”, you input 4 to reboot your phone.




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